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T-Mobile for Business Customer Experience Center 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sq Footage: 81,000

Architects: EV&A, JPC

The T-Mobile for Business Customer Experience Center, spanning 81,630 square feet within Las Vegas’ Harry Reid Research & Technology Park, embodies a harmonious blend of contemporary design and functionality. Completed in November 2023, the architectural collaboration between EV&A (C&S) and JPC (Interiors) has resulted in an innovative office building that stands out in the dynamic tech hub. T-Mobile, the anchor tenant, lends its reputation to the center’s integral role within the research and technology park. Beyond its impressive size and architectural prowess, the center boasts an in-house cinema, enhancing the modern workplace experience. This facility is dedicated to providing a forward-thinking, employee-focused environment that fosters career growth, prioritizes health and wellness, and solidifies its standing as a cornerstone in Las Vegas’ evolving technological landscape.

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