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Gardner’s mission is to design and construct environmentally-friendly buildings that enhance surroundings, promote mass transit accessibility, and improve the tenant experience. We prioritize green construction and utilize cutting-edge technology for energy and water efficiency, all while being mindful of cost effectiveness. From meticulous pre-construction planning to renowned professionalism in construction management, we navigate each phase thoughtfully and ensure outstanding results.

Bird's eye view of Overstock building under construction.


  • Raw land consultation and
    preliminary planning assistance
  • Quantify the entitlement cost and assess the risk of a project
  • Entitlement services including municipality coordination/collaboration and project approval
  • City approval proficiency (City Councils, Planning Commissions, Design Review Committees etc.)


  • Master plan development services
  • Sustainable design integration
  • Civil and geotechnical engineering oversight
  • Architectural and engineering design oversight
  • Landscape design oversight
  • Interior design oversight


  • Construction RFP management
  • Bidding
  • Design efficiency and constructibility
  • Contractor/subcontractor oversight
  • Critical path method scheduling
  • Commissioning oversight
  • Closeout management
  • Professional tenant improvement (TI)

“They alleviated our stress around typical development challenges, had creative ideas, and always maintained a high standard of professionalism.”

— Jennifer Smith, Zions Bank | CIO

Here, purpose comes before plans. We invite you to share your vision with us.