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Midvale, Utah

Sq. Footage: 240,000

Architects: EDA

Gardner was chosen by Overstock.com to create their iconic circular building as part of the View 72 Corporate Center in Midvale. The building, known as the “Peace Coliseum,” serves as the central office for the retail commerce giant and offers various on-site amenities such as a cafe, fitness center, health clinic, and daycare. Its design fosters collaboration and nurtures Overstock.com’s company culture by promoting a transparent and equitable open-plan layout, eliminating traditional hierarchy. The inner courtyard houses a gathering space called the “Nucleus,” which serves as the main employee commons area and features a café. Connecting public transportation, on-site child care, and a greenhouse that supplies fresh produce for the cafeteria, the campus truly revolves around placing employees at the heart of the company. 

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